Power Washing

Now that you’ve finally finished a new deck or fence, the next thing to do is figure out how to keep it looking great for as long as possible. Power washing and staining are two of the most common techniques used by homeowners. Brighton Deck and Fence is a full-service power washing company that provides professional, high-quality services to clients in the Greater Colorado Area. We offer residential and commercial customers an array of services including pressure washing, deck cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, asphalt repair, color seal coating, or tanning of decks. We have been serving the neighborhood for more than 20 years with quality workmanship at reasonable prices!

Why You Should Power Wash Your Home?

Power washing your home can seem like an extravagance when you’re not aware of all the benefits, but it should be a part of every homeowner’s maintenance routine. 

Protects You and Your Family’s Health

Molds and mildew can cause numerous health problems, including respiratory issues. Every year that you put up with dirt and stubborn stains on your house’s exterior surfaces is one more day when someone in your family might get sick at home or take an asthma medication without having to move outside into fresh air where they could do so freely.

Keeps Your Expensive Appliances Clean

When it comes to appliances, power washing is especially helpful in keeping your stove and refrigerator clean. Dirt build-up on the exterior of these appliances can make them work less efficiently or even stop working entirely if left untreated for too long.

Looks Better Than Ever

A clean home looks better than a dirty one, and the shiny exterior of your house will have neighbors asking how you manage to keep it so clean.

Saves You Money in Floor Maintenance Costs

A power washing service can also help protect your flooring investment by removing dirt buildup and tough stains before it damages floors like tile or wood. It’s important to note that if the chemicals used in high pressure power washing are not properly washed off with clean water, they can cause damage.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Some chemicals can be used to power wash, but the water pressure alone is just as good at removing dirt without harming our planet.

Boosts Curb Appeal 

If you’re planning on putting your house up for sale, a power washing service is also great to have done before the big day. A clean exterior will help sell your home faster and get it sold at a higher price than one that doesn’t look as crisp.

Keeps Your Home Looking New and Clean for Years to Come

By keeping up with high pressure power washing on a routine basis, you can avoid the need for any major exterior renovations and keep your home looking like it’s straight out of The Brady Bunch. You’ll be able to walk by each day without worrying about what might be growing there or how many months since the last time cleaning was done.

Type Of Materials And Equipment Do We Use For Our Pressure Washing Services

The type of equipment that we use for power washing is what separates us from the competition. We have invested in state-of-the-art commercial grade pressure washers because it reduces labor time and minimize any environmental effects. For home’s exterior, decks, fences, driveways, sidewalks, or patios to come out looking beautiful again our customers must be satisfied with the results.

When we power wash, our high pressure stream equipment uses less than 110 volts of electricity and does not require any water hookups which means it is safe for both people and the environment. To ensure this type of safety, Brighton Deck and Fence only hire trained exterior cleaning professionals to do all pressure washing work that leaves our business premises in Brighton area. 

Pricing And Availability Information For Our Power Washer Services

A power washer is an essential tool for removing stains, grime, and other debris from wood decks and fencing. Brighton Deck And Fence offer high-quality pressure washing services at competitive prices to help you get your outdoor spaces looking great again. Whether it’s the deck of a cabin in the mountains or a chain-link fence that has been neglected for far too long, our pressure washers can get the job done right.

Power washing services are available in a variety of different packages to suit your needs and budget. Our basic service includes pre-washing, power washing, and post-washing. The standard package adds deodorizing to this list while the deluxe package also offers power sweeping for an even more thorough clean. Our power washer services are designed to work on decks, vinyl siding, fencing, driveways, and patios.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Pressure Washer

Trained, Licensed, And Insured Pressure Washing Professionals

Hiring a professional pressure washer can be very beneficial to homeowners who do not want to invest in expensive equipment, but instead would like someone to come out and clean their deck or fence. It is always best practice when hiring any contractor that you hire somebody who has been properly trained on the job they will be doing for you. You do not want to hire somebody who does not have the proper training because they could potentially damage your deck or fence, which will cost you more money in repairs than hiring a professional pressure washers would have originally cost.

Use of Industry-Standard Equipment

We use only the highest quality commercial-grade equipment and chemicals for your pressure washing services.

No one wants to hire a pressure washer contractor who will come out and use low-grade, faulty, or outdated equipment when they are performing work on their home. That is why we at Brighton Deck and Fence always make sure we have up-to-date equipment and the proper chemicals to get your job done. We want to make sure that we are providing you with a power washing needs that will last for many years, so using low-grade equipment is not an option when performing our services for homeowners in Brighton.

Professional Results Every Time

Having a professional pressure wash your deck, fence, or structure is the only way to get amazing results every time.

There are many benefits to hiring a trained and insured pressure washing services like Brighton Deck and Fence. The most important benefit that comes with using our services each time you need power-washed surfaces is having amazing results every single time.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Experience

Save time, money, and effort by hiring Brighton Deck and Fence to perform your pressure washing service needs! We have been providing homeowners with the highest quality of cleaning services for years. Our team is knowledgeable, experienced, professional all while being insured so you know we will provide you with the best results every single time.

Power washing your deck, fence, or structure does not need to be a hassle that costs thousands of dollars in repairs when Brighton Deck and Fence is here to help! We offer competitive rates for pressure washing services so call us today at +123-4567-890.